Hi To All Well Its About TIME THAT THE ( USA ) Is Now Leaving  The War On Terror With There Heads Up There vAss Its A War That Never Should Have Happend It Was Pakstain Where They All Came From Then We Have All The ( MONEY ) That The TOP $-% People Have Made Out Off This War  Like Halberton And If You Have Had The Mis Fortune Of EATING They Are Small And Your Troops Have To Have Up To Two Meals At A Time At  The COST Off About $68:00 Per Meal Time Go AKA ( Dick C ) Dont You Have Enouth Money DICK, Instead Of Rippping Of THE People Of The USA That Money Could Have Gone To THE KIDS FOR THE Upgradeing Of All The Schools Falling Down Around Then Plus Not To Forget The REAL HEROs Here The People Who Had TO CLEAN UP AFTER THE 9/11 Plane Bombes And Also To ALL MY HEROs THE VETs  Who Had To Play Games With Rats And All The Other Shit That You Guys PUT Them And There Familys Though Shame On You All No Wonder The Terr Are Winning This High Teck GAME  Mr. Kym. May Sydney Australia……….


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